Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon


Right now, there are new realities, creations, in different stages of becoming in our lives. 

During this Gemini Full Moon, working through emotionally triggering situations may help us gain a fresh understanding of who we are– rediscovering our values and self-worth through matters of the heart.

Choose to be empowered. We are seeing things differently, and our perspective is leading the way to mold our reality.

Venus (pleasure and desire), and Pluto (rebirth and transformation) are activating a new stream of information with the full moon- communicating from a more raw and honest source revealed within.


Free yourself by loving, nurturing, and healing any painful, old, or negative, feelings and tendencies- trust the inspired vision, follow the resonating path, and build what moves you with intention. 

Allow me to say, we are operating to shift our energies- witnessing our hidden strength and beauty through intense, extreme, and difficult situations. 

Be receptive, listen to notice the subtle messages, wisdom, in life situations.  


Tap into your inner authority, responsibly manage your time and energy, your emotions and mindset, despite whatever may trigger you.

Relationships, money, career, and material values may transform as we welcome a new feeling of comfort and stability from a higher source within. 

Center yourself in knowing who you are as life continues to unfold something new. 

Your clarity and confidence will help bridge your desires into the material realm.

This full moon in Gemini brings awareness to the nature of love, our ability to heal from the past, and our path as unique individuals. There is a fuller knowing about the purpose of narratives introduced throughout the year, and the choices we made, with more truth and vulnerability.

We are on the edge between old and new worlds. Autonomy and independence may feel more aligned as we collectively expand into 2022.

Jupiter in Aquarius is exploring freedom from control, regulations, and limiting perspectives- anchoring change through endings, loss, and new values with more contemplated choices as the North and South Nodes shift into Taurus and Scorpio.

The moon in Gemini is mutable, dual, and there may be multiple agendas, various areas of personal growth as new projects and paths develop simultaneously.

Do weigh out your options, and choose to make decisions that reflect a more healed perspective- feel the difference, the inner maturity, of what you are prepared to build or rearrange at this point in your journey.

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