About Myst

In December 2020, shortly after the grand conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, I felt energetically called to expand my potential and consciously create a life that I am truly passionate about– boldly trusting the energies of the planets and their powerful ability to reveal valuable details along the way.

While believing in the bigger picture, I started publicly booking close friends and community for one-on-one astrological guidance sessions.

When my approach to interpreting astrology began to impact those in a tangible and profound way, I started sharing my love, connection (and obsession) for astrology with those were ready to learn more online and in person.

In less than a year, I built a consistent online presence as Myst, became a reoccurring speaker for special events, and hosted several in-depth astrology New Moon and Full Moon workshops and gatherings- teaching people how to use and interpret astrological design.

Today, Myst Astrology has grown with intention and dedication to helping those who are open to understanding themselves from an evolutionary perspective become conscious creators, and align with their highest potential through awareness of the planets and their astrological cycles, just like I did.

My mission is to maximize your potential to consciously create productive results in a life full of infinite possibilities- to help the collective discover their inner vision and soul intention by using the blueprint of astrological design.