New Moon

Capricorn New Moon

Today is the New Moon in Capricorn and we can improve our lives by addressing our ambitions, re-evaluating our responsibilities, and rediscovering what we truly wish to maintain in life– honoring our intuition.


The Capricorn energy helps us to set the tone– initiating, building, and directing whatever we put our minds to. The process of reaching goals, making sensible decisions, and choosing to commit to things that are in our best interest is more accessible right now.


What will lead to real, lasting change, and transformation in 2022?


As Venus (comfort, pleasure & connection) retrogrades, be sure to listen to your innermost feelings, notice your true nature, and realize the root of your needs before taking action on building your goals and visions– total clarity creates realities and can take time to develop.


Pluto (revealing deep transformation) is assisting us in shedding self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, and personalities (ex: valuing something but believing you can’t have it).

Begin to manage your own energies to make room for the truth of new awareness- nurturing freedom as we take steps to transform ourselves and the structures around us (at work, at home, in our relationships, our bank accounts, our physical bodies, our values, etc.)


Our understanding of security in our relationships, finances, daily resources, and what we value may begin to shift from what we may have previously experienced or imagined (North Node in Taurus).


Sit with this new cycle in life as it boils beneath the surface of our perspectives- intention.


Check your motivations and how you handle the results of the past.


We are arranging our life around what can’t be undone while acknowledging where there is still an opportunity to build and change individually and collectively moving forward.


Allow me to say, focus on what you truly want; focus with your heart, your creative mind, with full passion for it. You are enough to receive all that you believe you are worthy of.


In honor of what we know now as sacred and what we realize we may never go back to, we are transitioning into new expressions of ourselves, new ways of being in relationship with others, and strengthening our inner-understanding instead of being stuck by the twist and turns of life.

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