“Myst is an infectious teacher clearly passionate about her craft—it really shines through in her consultation. For someone like me, who was completely uneducated on astrology except for knowing basic zodiac signs’ names, having my natal chart read by Myst taught me so much about myself and the universe. I look forward to many more conversations with her.”

-Jeremey C

“A true gift for interpreting and giving you the unique perspective that is your star chart. I was impressed with the depth of knowledge Myst shared around the planets, the effect they have in the houses and the effect this has on my manifesting cycles. During our youth we learn to remove or hide certain aspects of ourselves to be compatible with our environment. After my reading, I felt more in tune with my personal and professional goals. Allowing me to reclaim the parts of myself I have denied and release the boundaries set upon myself. Embodying my most authentic self.”


“This energy feels similar to Akashic reading/energies, & more fine tuned if that makes any sense.”

-Debbie Mastry

“I’ve opened up myself to be guided by the astrological shifts that are happening in the cosmos and have been pleasantly surprised by all the alignment and synchronicities that result from paying attention.”

Angel C

“Thank you Myst for the insightful reading! I am so impressed with your accuracy and fluency in understanding the astrological alignments and influences! You brought me clarity and peace… thank you!”

-Flavia S

Myst has been such a kind and gentle presence during my experience. I had many worries going in but once I was there it was easy to settle into the comforting space she created. I got my reading as a gift for myself and I’m so happy I did. It’s helped me realize a lot about myself and it helped everything make a bit more sense. I definitely recommend Myst Astrology to anyone who is seeking to have your birth chart read.

-Bria T

“So grateful I got a chance to spend time with this mystic mama! I feel so powerful, clearly setting intentions for the new moon with precision, I am already walking in my visions and feeling receptive to guidance all around me!”


“The knowledge and intuition Myst has around understanding astrology is literally out of this world. Check her out for any astrology needs. There is SO much power in understanding your charts in order to work with the energy that the universe blesses us with. I’ve gone to many talks she’s had and I’m just 🤯 follow her for insightful updates about what’s going on with the stars, moon, sun, and everything else above!”