Your natal chart is a snapshot of the positions of the celestial bodies, relative to your location on Earth, at the moment you were born.

Myst interprets astrology from an evolutionary perspective to help you transcend perceived limitations and consciously create the goals and visions that align with you. 

During our time together, Myst will guide you to intelligently examine life and your personal energies – allowing you become aware of your unique astrological design. Through cosmic guidance and inquiry, you can consciously create a life that is better equipped with knowledge of self and how to navigate the possibilities at hand- building strategies for your success.

“The use of the will is something available to every human being, but it grows in proportion to one’s self-knowledge and self-mastery.”- Liz Greene, astrologer, psychologist and author



Monthly readings to bring about greater awareness, integration, and the productive use of your astrological design.


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Start Your Custom Journey!

Time: 15 min

Exploration Call + Custom Reading Offer 

My focus is to be of service to you in the best way possible. Let’s explore what type of reading will best serve you right now.

Custom readings address topics discussed during our exploration call, such as life path, career, love, relationships, choosing the ideal timing, personal growth, healing, and whatever else is important to you at the time.

Natal Chart Analysis

Time: 1.5 hours

Exploration Call + Standard Natal Chart Analysis
Complete astrological chart analysis to help you understand the function of each planet in your chart. Paired with a reading to provide context for your personal evolution and equip you with greater awareness, integration, and the productive use of your astrological design.