Full Moon

Cancer Full Moon & Transit Update

This is just the beginning, for the first half of 2022- as we open up to change, creating new life themes and directions with a higher vibration. 


We can’t hide in our past, in what is “safe” or “familiar”, we may transcend any decisions made out of fear at this time.


As we change, we refine, and attune our energies to a new, maybe different narrative for this first time. 


Some things we may have outgrown, and some dreams may have expanded in ways that we couldn’t have imagined in 2021. 


Investing in this new potential may feel like a risk, there is vulnerability when we release control and embrace a new & maybe less predictable future (Uranus in Taurus). 


Allow me to say, any fear or worry of rejection, of not obtaining what is aligned with your true vibration, is an illusion.


⛅️Living from the heart will lay the foundation for this new timeline.

With Mercury and Venus in retrograde, we may begin reviewing the results of our past decisions, to repair old narratives around responsibility, money, our values & how we connect with the people in our lives.

We are supported in clearing away subconscious pain and trauma (Pluto conjunct the Sun), unraveling the truth of our previous life paths & decisions, bit-by-bit.

This new awareness may reveal how we cozy we are with our own energies, our daily life, and how we privately feel about our emotional wellbeing.

🌧Are we in tune with our emotions & living in harmony with the guidance, the belief, in our hearts?


Trust the twist and turns of life while stepping away from stories and perspectives that no longer support healthy growth and development. Our feelings can help us navigate as we ascend and transition as conscious creators of our experiences. 

As we collectively launch into a more awakened life, make practical, useful plans that honor yourself & the best possible decisions you can make moving forward.

Feel the emotions that come with the shifts (Cancer Full Moon), allowing your intuition and inner navigation to help you aim life in a direction that transcends the past or prior limitations- aim in a direction that feels aligned with the comfort of your inner most expansion, your true vibration

The Full Moon in Cancer energy connects us to an intuitive knowing about our unique journey, relationships, and there is a deep passion that is ready to be nurtured from within- creating a sense of belonging.

Major Planetary Themes for the beginning of 2022:


Pluto in Capricorn is starting to reveal the cracks in major industries, institutions, and the economic, social systems. Information that may have been hidden from the public perception, up until this point, may be made more accessible or put on display.


Pluto is a transformational planet that helps us  progress from one form to another. It is immersed in the depths of our subconscious pain and trauma, clearing away the darkness as we step into a new light, a role, or story that aligns with collective ascension on the planet at this time. 


There may be waves of emotional release that will increasingly develop our inner sense of power, sovereignty, and authority during this transit- we are creating from the inside out for 2022.



Mercury and Venus Retrograde in Capricorn encourage us to look at the path we have traveled so far, to notice things that we may have overlooked. Taking a couple of steps back, to be reintroduced to what we desire and what we are committed to. 


How do you feel loving, tender energy? Where can you reintroduce more quality, value, harmony in your life while releasing what you will no longer tolerate?


Mercury asks, what is the best you can do knowing what you know now?



North Node in Taurus & Uranus in Taurus is bringing a change in our collective direction. As we rise into more awareness, manifesting our goals or new ambitions, we are getting clear on our sense of purpose moving forward. 


Choose to be empowered by our ability to change, we may notice that our mental energies and perceptions may have permanently shifted from themes and lessons of 2020-2021.


The heaviness of the past isn’t coming with us as climb into higher vibrations. Uranus is ascension, liberation, releasing what we may have outgrown or are outgrowing.



Jupiter in Pisces is extending our signal to divine guidance and intuition-connecting our hearts to our third eye. Faith in moments of doubt, belief in moments of uncertainty, and universal love and passion will boost our potential to make our dreams a reality (no matter how big or wild they are).


2022 is the year of creation from the inside out, becoming cozy with yourself, crafting yourself, and your higher vibrational narrative…