Join the Astro-Fam!

Cultivate a deeper connection to your astrological wisdom. Learn astrology through monthly check-ins. Enjoy in-depth custom readings and unravel endless possibilities (really, we are creators after all).


per month

will get you  access to:

✨Personalized monthly New Moon and/or Full Moon readings.

✨Access to online astro-fam community connections and transit readings.

✨Astrological guidance to develop a clear strategy for your personal success.


“Doing the monthly check-ins really helps me stay centered and focused with how I’m going about my life. It’s taught me so much about astrology and it’s really a blessing to have someone like Myst to check in with regularly.” -Adam

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Monthly Subscription Includes


New Moon/ Full Moon Readings
  • Align with the New and Full Moons for personal growth based on how they interact with your individual natal chart.
  • Understand how the Moon is perfectly suited to assisting you in navigating life’s complexities.
  • These sessions are potent opportunities to call in what you wish for, and release what is no longer needed. They function as a tool to help you affirm what you truly desire, plant seeds, and receive your conscious creations.

Discover Your Unique Design via Transit Readings
  • Transit Readings are ideal for navigating the year ahead, measuring optimal timing, and developing deeper ways to overcome challenges through your astrological design. 
  • Every month, you will track the daily movement of the planets, examine ongoing trends, and delve deeply into the larger cycles and meaning of the events in your life.

Learn how to Interpret Astrological Charts
  • Become your own astrologer with 1:1 lessons on astrological interpretations (all levels are welcome).
  • Increase your awareness and connection to the astral light.