New Moon

Aquarius New Moon

Venus has finally stationed direct, after five weeks of reviewing our values, responsibilities, relationships, and what structures we wish to maintain in life.

We may feel driven to act on plans that reflect what we may have learned, or realized, about our values and any restrictions, beliefs, or obligations that are ready to be released and healed from our past.

The Aquarius New Moon is SO supportive in amplifying an inner and outer transition into a higher, more evolved life narrative. Our minds may awaken to harmonize with our hearts and align with our true energetic way of being, our “higher-self” that is more clear at this time.

We are developing new skills and methods (Mercury) to support new personal values (Venus). Meanwhile, Mars is focused on following through with new commitments that align our passion, drive, and desires with heartfelt energy, synergy, and union with ourselves and others.

Allow me to say, we are sovereign and I honor your sovereignty (your power and authority to govern yourself).

As we create with this Aquarius New Moon and throughout 2022- there is a need for us to work with intention, wisdom, and understanding of what is in the highest good of all concerned- including yourself. the person you are getting to know